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Carriers Are Underestimating the Loss Impact of Small Diameter Hail Storms

P&C Specialist reports on a newly released study by ZestyAI entitled: Small Hail, Big Problems, New Approach. According to the authors the study “shows high concentrations of small hail are more important than previously thought, pointing to an opportunity to broaden data sets to account for the cumulative effect all hailstorms have on a roof’s susceptibility to damage over time, leading to a claim.”

Smaller Storms Matter

According to the study, while hailstorms with hailstones less than one inch in diameter cause only about 30% of the damage that larger diameter hail does, exposure to smaller diameter hail reduces roof lifespans and makes them more susceptible to damage in future storms. Traditional risk selection modelling, which focuses only on larger diameters often fails to account for the significant future losses driven by past exposure to smaller diameter hail.


Complete Risk Discovery Matters

By doing so carriers can significantly reduce the excess risk, confusion, and conflict that accompanies major catastrophic events when speed and efficiency are at a premium. Having the condition and contents of a home documented photographically and available to the adjuster can radically reduce the effort and time needed to resolve a claim.

Improving Hailstorm damage risk modelling makes sense because it helps carriers identify high risk homes so further scrutiny can be applied. It is just one way that carriers can improve the quality of the risk discovery they undertake when assuming or renewing a Homeowners risk. We believe it should be part of a comprehensive risk discover strategy that leverages communication, self-service risk discovery tools and third-party data.

Which is why idMobileTM self-service risk discovery is part of the idFusionTM solution.

VeracityID offers idFusionTM: an automated risk selection toolset that allows business teams to detect and rapidly compose highly targeted solutions to stop hundreds of different errors, premium leaks, and frauds – all before a new risk is bound. idFusion integrates seamlessly with personal auto and homeowners core systems.


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